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A message from The Very Revd. Dr. Gregory C. Gilson



On behalf of St. Matthew’s Cathedral and St. Paul’s church I would like to wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas season and joyful New Year.

I have noticed that modern Christmas stories all have a common theme. The story focuses on a central character; a self-involved, egocentric person, concerned only for self-gratification and ignorant or uncaring of the needs or feelings of the people around them. By the end of the story this same character has followed the experience of Scrooge and come to reflect the love of neighbour that Christians are called to live by. The only thing that is missing in our modern stories is Christ. There is no mention of God or Jesus or any underlying moral teaching other than to be “nice”.


It is important that as the followers of Jesus we give action and voice to the real reason people are called to treat each other with love and respect. If only society remembered that Christian teachings are the foundation upon which our North American Society is built. The heart and soul of the Christian faith and its teaching of service to God by service to others, is what makes us concerned for others. We are called by Jesus to Love God with all our

heart and all our soul, all our strength and all our mind, and love our neighbour as ourselves. Not just at Christmas but all year.

During this past year I have seen the many ways both St. Matthew’s and St. Paul’s have embodied Jesus’ commandment. From gifts to the Food Bank, to the Living Room, and the funds I receive to help those in need that come to the Cathedral. The messages I receive about people who are in hospital, and the cards that are sent to

those who are not well. The volunteer work done, and supported. Christ’s message can be seen by those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel. That is the story we, as the Anglicans in the Timmins area, are telling and enacting!

The true Christmas story is not over shadowed by the modern secular story because the followers of Jesus are living the true meaning of Christmas every day, and you are those followers. As St. Paul would say, I give thanks always, for your faith and service to others.


The Very Revd. Dr. Gregory C. Gilson