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Services will no longer be listed in Calendar except special services.
A Letter From Our Interim Rector Bishop Eddie:
Monday, 11 January 2010 17:58

Dear Friends,



Three months ago, in response to a request from Archbishop Caleb Lawrence, I arrived in Timmins to become to be an interim Priest in the Cathedral. I have found that the people who worship regularly at St. Matthew's Cathedral are special. Together we enjoy coming together to worship God., we try to make others welcome, we have a real sense of family, and have a genuine care for one anther. The Church community has a sense of belonging to something rare and different than anything else in the society around them. We are not especially holy people, but we journey together on an adventure of faith.



Anyone who worships God publically and admits to being a Christian in todays world is truly on a challenging adventure of faith. The factors that make faith difficult across Canada are generally not bad or even negative things. Pleasant pastimes can keep us from entering deeply into our souls. One committed Christian leader, Ron Rolheiser, puts it this way. “What blocks faith is that myriad of innocent things within our ordinary, normal lives which precisely make our lives comfortable: our laziness, our self-indulgence, our ambition, our restlessness, our envy, our refusal to live in tension, our consumerism, our greed for things and experience, our need to have a certain lifestyle, our busyness and overextension, our perpetual tiredness, our obsession with celebrities, and our perpetual distraction with sports, sit-coms, and talk shows. These are the antifaith forces of our time.”


April 4th will be Easter day. Easter is all about new life, in this world and in the next. It is a good day to rediscover the love, joy and peace of the Lord by finding His living Presence in prayer and praise.

Jesus came to give us abundant life. Life is meant to be more than pleasant pastimes or discouragement in the tension of disintegrating relationships.


A list of the Easter sevices may be found overleaf. We invite you and yours to worship and fellowship with us with us at St. Matthews at Easter and to join us in the adventure of faith. You will be very welcome.


Have a joyous Easter,


Bishop Eddie.